About Institute


In the city of Kirov the training and consulting center of the All-Union Extra-Mural Law Institute was established in 1971. In 1988 this center was reorganized into the Faculty, in 1998 — into the Branch, in 2005 the Branch was renamed into the Institute (Branch) of the Moscow State Law Academy (MSLA) in Kirov and in 2009 it was renamed into the Institute (Branch) of the O. E. Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy in Kirov.

In 1994 the Specialized Department of Continuing Target Education with 4 year law education was opened for those who already have higher non-legal education or not completed higher education and would like to acquire a ‘Jurisprudence’ Diploma. All students pay a tuition fee.

Since 1996 the Full-time studies Department has been functioning at the Kirov Branch of the MSLA. The training course there is 5 years.

Since 2007 the Department of Shortened Education has been functioning for those who have specialized secondary education in jurisprudence. The course of studies is 3.5 years for full-time students and 4 years for extra-mural students.

Extra — mural (by correspondence) studies at the Kirov Branch of the MSLA are a 5.5 year course.

Students are given a choice to specialize in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional (State) Law.

After graduation from the MSLA one acquires a ‘Specialist’ Diploma in Jurisprudence.

The Kirov Institute possesses a modern computer-class, a criminalistics center, a library with the best in the region choice of law literature, a sport-ground, sport rooms, a mini copying (printing) machine, a canteen, 2 educational buildings.

Permanently working preliminary courses (part-time and extra-mural) function for those who intend to take entrance examinations. Competition among applicants to the Institute is one of the highest in Kirov.

Under agreements with the Government, Administration of the Judicial Department, Prosecutor's Office and other Local Authorities of the Kirov region there is target training of lawyers for these structures at the Institute.

In 2009 about 1900 students studied at the Kirov Institute of the MSLA.

Within the period of its existence the Kirov Institute (Branch, Faculty, training and consulting center) has prepared several thousands of lawyers of the highest qualification to work in all walks of life: courts, prosecutors’ offices, law enforcement and correctional institutions, Federal Security Service, state and administrative bodies, advocacy, public notary offices as well as in consultancy and advisory services.

The Kirov Institute of the MSLA is staffed with over 40 teachers among which 65% have academic degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Science, academic status of Associate Professor or Professor. Many young teachers are seekers or post-graduates of the MSLA. Specialists from Kirov law-enforcement and judicial organs also teach in the Institute.

Among teachers of the Kirov Institute there are chairmen of Committees on Human Rights and on Pardon functioning under the authority of the Governor of the Kirov region. A number of teachers render legal assistance to local power structures in their law-making and law-enforcement work. In the Institute the free student legal advice office is formed for the socially unprotected groups of population, the newspaper «Academy» is published and organs of students' self-governing function.

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